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Tracker Data-Handling

The Tracker Data-Handling group is responsible for the following software areas of the Pixel and Silicon Strip Tracker:

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G. Bruno, V. Ciulli, D. Kotlinski

Sub-projects coordinators:

R. Bainbridge, K. Ecklund (Calibration/Commissioning)

S. Dutta, V. Chiochia (Monitoring)

P. Azzi, Y. Gotra (Data Analysis)

A. Dierlamm (Cosmic Rack)



Data Quality Monitoring web page (documentation on the Tracker Monitoring Software)

Commissioning Software Wiki page (documentation on the CMSSW Silicon Strip Commissioning software)

Cosmic Rack web page (documentation on the Cosmic Rack setup)

Silicon Strip information & results

Pixel Tracker information & results

ORCA-based Beam & System-Test Analysis Software/Results


Mailing lists

HyperNews (mail archive and subscription at the HyperNews web page)

hn-cms-tk-datahandling (forum for items relevant to software developments)

hn-cms-tk-commissioning (forum for items relevant to commissioning operations)


SIMBA-managed Mailing lists (mail archive and subscription at the SIMBA web page)

cms-btau-datahandling  (General Tracker Data-Handling announcements)

cms-tk-magnet-test (Tracker Magnet Test Cosmic Challenge announcements)

cms-project-crack (TOB Cosmic Rack (CRack))

cms-tracker-monitoring  (Tracker monitoring software)

cms-tk-db (database mailing list)



Strip Data Handling  (links to agenda of individual meetings)



Task List

General Task List: document (excel sheet)


Magnet Test Cosmic Challenge (MTCC)


General Information

Mailing list for general announcements:  cms-tk-magnet-test (mail archive and subscription at the SIMBA web page)

HyperNews on software discussion:  hn-cms-tk-datahandling  (mail archive and subscription at the HyperNews web page)

Meetings: offline software and DQM

ELOG: post news about setup operation

Shifts: schedule and online subscription

Phone Numbers: experts on call

Run Lists: L1 Trigger data , CMS Run Summary Info

All data taken in global DAQ is written to to a disk server(cmsdisk0.cern.ch:/data0/mtcc_test/), then shipped to castor (/castor/cern.ch/cms/MTCC/test) and eventually transferred to Tier-1 centers. All details can be found here.


Offline Activities and contacts

  • Tune reconstruction

  • Develop Monitoring software

  • Set-up software infrastructure for computation and use of missing calibrations:

  • Gain calibration

  • Lorentz  angle calibration

  • Cluster shape, Capacitive couplings

  • Alignment

  • Impact of B-field uncertainty

Full details can be found here


Software Documentation


Papers and general talks


Related Links

CMS Software web page (CMSSW documentation, CVS server, doxygen, etc.)

CMS Wiki page (general documenation on all CMS subprojects: CPT, Tracker, etc.)

Tracker Online Software web page

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